PROINCOR deals with the diffusion and application of knowledge in new products, processes and services (area of intervention P 1.2). PROINCOR aims to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs by boosting their innovation performance in the geographical corridor from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Sea. By focusing on this transnational geographic area PROINCOR will contribute to the decrease of economic disparities between Eastern and Western regions and countries along the former iron curtain. There is still a considerable gradient from west to east concerning relevant economic indicators. The vision of PROINCOR is to pave the way to create an innovation corridor of emergent regions along the former dividing line. After the enlargement of the European Union we have the huge opportunity to develop the Baltic-Adriatic corridor to a knowledge-based economic region in accordance with the Lisbon strategy. PROINCOR will address a high number of enterprises with innovation needs in main manufacturing and industrial service sectors of the involved regions and countries. The project is based on a proactive approach starting with diagnostic and advisory visits in about 500 SMEs. The advisors will use a transnational developed approach to assess the current innovation performance of the SMEs. Innovation audits free of charge will be conducted by the advisors using the joint innovation audit guide. By means of the innovation audit, strengths and weaknesses of the internal innovation management are determined. Innovation advisor and company management develop an action plan to improve the innovation performance. If required further partners of the regional innovation support system, for instance from the areas research and technology transfer will be addressed to support the launching of product and process development projects. The innovation advisors will be trained by excellent European experts at the beginning of the project.

The advisor group will meet every six months to review the used methodology considering the achieved results. This transnational collaboration will ensure the flow of innovation related information and knowledge between the involved regions in Central Europe. An external evaluator will follow the audit process and analyse case studies together with the advisor group. Besides regular face-to-face meetings of the advisor group the partnership will establish a web-based monitoring system to facilitate the better transregional and transnational communication and cooperation. The process of innovation occurs mainly through the interaction of companies and institutions that are structured at local and regional level. Nevertheless, PROINCOR will exploit all available information about innovation needs and opportunities from the perspective of the SMEs to intensify the application-oriented collaboration between different innovation support actors and companies in the Baltic-Adriatic corridor.

In this way the innovation advisor group will link up the innovation support systems from all ten regions and make access to high-level technologies and other expertise among the partner regions. In each involved region regional innovation advisor groups will ensure the sustainability of the project. The result-oriented approach of PROINCOR will be measurable in terms of companies with improved internal innovation management, trained managers and employees, launched product and process development projects including preparation of investments and new established transnational cooperation. The PROINCOR partnership intends to continue the collaboration of the innovation advisors after the end of the project. The impact of PROINCOR will be analysed in detail to draw out recommendations and suggestions for improvement of the current innovation policies, especially the established innovation support for SMEs in the Baltic-Adriatic corridor.

PROINCOR up to date

On 10th of September 2013 PROINCOR project partners will hold a conference “Planning efficient activities for innovation in SMEs in 2014-2020 perspective – experiences and recommendations from PROINCOR and other good practices”. The event will take place in Poznan, Poland

3rd PROINCOR Newsletter

The third PROINCOR Newsletter is available. See Download.

Report on country-specific innovation policies

The report on country-specific innovation policies in the PROINCOR countries is available. Please see Downloads...